Your intelligent virtual assistant

Protect your person
Protect your passengers
Protect your vehicle
Be part of the future. The first intelligent virtual assistant that will protect you and your assets


Our goal is your safety, and protection of your assets.

Ivan Drive recognizes those who are authorized to drive the car. If Ivan Drive detects an unusual event, it will enter the vehicle's protection status automatically.

Machine Learning at your service

Ivan Drive learns from the patterns and data it receives, this allows the virtual assistant to adapt to the needs of each user and situations to assist him.

Smart geolocation

Ivan Drive uses its database and intelligent matrix to assist the user of risky sectors, improper road behavior, unauthorized persons, vehicle intrusions, speeding, and geographic limitation.

How IVAN DRIVE works


As an intelligent virtual assistant IVAN Drive assists you at all times so you have a comfortable experience while driving. Also, protect your vehicle autonomously from any situation of risk and emergency. Avoid the execution of an assault robbery. In such a case, you will only have to deliver your vehicle and not risk your integrity. IVAN Drive will take control of the situation, recover your vehicle in a few minutes. IVAN Drive will always assist you.


The integration of devices managed by IVAN Drive allows controlling who is authorized to drive your vehicle. It manages to determine if a situation is risky and acts, protecting your person and your vehicle.




Look at the different functionalities that IVAN DRIVE offers you.

Let IVAN DRIVE take care of your trip


Option to activate security protocol from Smartphone in case of emergency
Activation of vehicle tracking in case of emergency
Get pictures when there is an emergency, or you can take pictures manually to know what happens in your vehicle.
You can listen to the voice of Ivan Drive from your Smartphone or from your car to assist you.
User recognition through your Smartphone, or facial recognition
You can call the car, or listen silent mode what happens inside your vehicle


Initial payment of the system

Fixed charge per month
* Bank may apply some interest

12 Month Plan



24 Month Plan



36 Month Plan



Contract plan 18 months lease


* Debit or credit card