Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Real assistance in emergency situations

Make autonomous decisions


IVAN Assistant is a complex integration of control and data capture devices with a set of application, database and APP softwares that are managed by an intelligent decision matrix that constantly learns and is the brain of IVAN.
IVAN uses data, images, audio to determine patterns that indicate when to act, warn, suggest and communicate.

Identify the User
IVAN Assistant uses its artificial intelligence to recognize faces and in this way create profiles of those who can interact with your system, and those who are not authorized to use it.
Collect information based on experiences
IVAN Assistant uses the data that it collects in such a way that it recognizes when some pattern is not correct. When this happens, Ivan will indicate to the user that there is something unusual within his patterns, and he will learn from them.
Think of your well-being
The main objective of IVAN Assistant is to take care of both the user and the assets that this has. IVAN will always look for the best way to achieve these two parameters within an incident.
Constantly update its structure, and it evolves
The neural network of IVAN Assistan is always updated, adding more and better features to your system.
Artificial intelligence is what allows the constant evolution of these systems. And that is what IVAN Assistant wants to achieve, a continuous update based on the needs of its User

What does IVAN Assistant do?

Launch of Ivan Drive!

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Vehicle protection and assistance against assaults and vehicle thefts, recognition of driving profiles, transport fleets.

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